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Florida Breeders: When choosing a breeder please use your better judgment and please read our valuable reputable breeder tips to guide you in  finding your best friend. Please keep in mind that Kitty Cat Breeders does its best to maintain a reputable list of breeders; however we will not be responsible for any of their obligations or duties; buy responsibly.

White Persian KittensCatsCreation - Linda

Affiliations: CFA
Shipping Available: Yes
Doll Faced Persian Kittens for Sale in the USA. We are a small cattery striving to achieve quality, not quantity. We are a CFA Cattery of Excellence and veterinarian approved. Breeding only

Member 05/15/2008 - YG - Updated 10/22/2013

Pawpetals CatteryPawpetals Cattery - Brandi

Affiliations: CFA
Shipping Available: Yes
Welcome we are a CFA Christian Cattery offering the finest little blossoms to cherish and love for a lifetime. We have been Doll Faced Persian Kitten breeders for over a decade. Our White and

Member Since 09/18/2010 - YG - Last Updated 09/18/2010

Tuminello ExoticsTuminello Exotics - Marc Tuminello

Tuminello Exotics
Bengal and Savannah
Polk City, Florida 33868
Affiliations: TICA
Shipping Available: Yes
We are breeders of Bengal and Savannah kittens. All kittens are of top quality bloodlines and raised in our home. Our kittens make purr-fect companions.

Member Since 08/01/2008 - YB - 07/16/2009 - Last Updated 07/20/2013

Missys Persians - Email - Website

Silver persians and smoke persian kittens available periodically, please feel welcome to inquire for further information on what may be available.

FLWL Member Since 02/24/2009 - Last Updated 02/24/2009

Leonard's Siamese Connection - Laura Leonard - Email

Breeds: Siamese, Tonkinese, and Burmese

Sweet, loving babies raised underfoot with lots of love. Not kept in cages.

Please report any and all inaccurate information

Safari Whispurrs - Highlander - Email - Listed 05/19/2009
Safari Whispurrs - Highland Lynx - Contact - Listed 10/14/2008

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Please report any and all inaccurate information

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