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Abyssinian Cat - Breed Profile

The Abyssinian Cat - Breed Profile and Picture provided by Kentuckykatz Cattery

Abyssinian Ruddy Male, born August 27th, 2007 bred by CFA and TICA registered Kentuckykatz Cattery, Lexington, KY. CFA Sire: Sir Winston's Mystical Diamond and CFA Dam: Hanna-of-Kentucky Darling

Breed Description and Pictures Submitted by: Kathy Archer - KENTUCKYKATZ Cattery

History - The Abyssinian is one of the oldest known breeds of cats, in some instances dating back 2,600 years resembling the image of an ancient Egyptian cat in their appearance. There is still conflicting evidence to this day as to the exact origin. They were thought to be revered so much that they were actually entombed with their Egyptian owners as far back as 1,600 years. However, some say, the earliest is thought to be a registered pedigreed Abyssinian cat that came from Abyssinia, now Ethiopia. There are other documents that tell of when England's CFA was burned in World War II all records were lost. So, they had to start with the Feral Cats they could capture and document them as an Abyssinian to start a new to this day. In recent genetic studies, the most convincing origin of the Abyssinian breed is the coast of the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia, according to CFA. Also, according to CFA, the earliest identifiable Aby is a taxi dermal exhibit still residing in the Leiden Zoological Museum in Holland. Although the Abyssinian as a breed was refined in England, its introduction to that country and others may have been the result of colonists and merchants stopping in Calcutta, the major port for the Indian Ocean. The first Abyssinians to be imported to North America from England arrived in the early 1900s, but it was not until the late 1930s that several top quality Abys were exported from Britain to form the foundation of today's American breeding programs.

No doubt, they are an elegant feline with a muscular body, a beautiful arched neck with large ears and almond shaped eyes, still resembling the ancient Egyptian cat of 2,600 years ago. The overall impression of the Abyssinian adult cat would be of medium size that is regal and muscular in appearance. They are eager to engage in activity, intelligent, loving, even tempered and attentive to their surroundings.

Colors and Coats Types Available - There are several Abyssinian Colors, all with a rich warm and glowing ticked appearance in Ruddy, Red, Fawn, Blue, Cream, Silver, and Lilac.

Only the Ruddy, Red, Fawn and Blue colors are recognized by CFA, AACE, ACFA or CFF however, Silver is now recognized by TICA and Cream and Lilac are accepted by ACA. Ruddy is the most popular color.

Grooming and Care - The Abyssinian is a short haired cat and requires very little grooming. Their coat is soft, silky, fine in texture, but dense and resilient to the touch with a lustrous sheen. Though the Abyssinian is a short haired cat, its' hair is medium in length, long enough to accommodate two or three dark bands of ticking. Brushing their coats with a brush suited for short haired cats is accepted by the Abyssinian. They love attention and enjoy the human interaction. For show cats, the grooming will vary from bathing and brushing the coat depending on how often they are in a show.

Best Suitable Environment - The best suitable home environment for the Abyssinian cat is an active one. They adapt well with other animals and are perfect for children.

Personality Traits - The Abyssinian cat is intelligent, very people oriented wanting to know what you are doing and wants to help. They are one of the most intelligent breeds of cats and none more loyal. They are a great companion and are good at training you what to do. Abyssinian cats are retrievers and climbers. The Abyssinian owner needs to allow time to play with this incredible animal on a daily basis.

Once you own an Abyssinian cat or ever spend time with one, you will be captivated by them, amused and amazed. And if you do own an Abyssinian, you will never want any other breed as a companion. They capture your heart and you will be in love.

Abyssinian Cat Breeders

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Abyssinian Description

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