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Australian Bombay

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Australian Bombay Cat - Breed Profile

The Australian Bombay breed profile submitted by Nunya Zimmer of Xquizit Cats

Breed Description and Pictures Submitted by: Nunya Zimmer

History -  These beautiful black cats were created by crossing a Burmese with a Black British or American Short-Hair. Once the dominant black colour is present breeders only out cross to Burmese to get body type and a tight close lying coat. A distinctive feature of the Bombay is their large copper (gold) eyes. European Bombay's. The Bombay is often called the 'Mini Panther'. We love to watch our Bombay's slink around the house just like the beautiful Black Panthers in the wild. The Bombay is a purr-sonality plus cat, just like the Burmese. They are full of energy yet at the same time highly affectionate. They are intelligent, actively seek interaction with humans and love to play games. Many retrieve and do tricks. Some have been successfully leash-trained. Like Burmese, Bombay's are heat-seekers, and often like to sleep under the bedcovers. Bombay's have a voice that is distinctive, but not as loud or harsh as the Siamese voice. Some individuals are quite talkative, but others rarely vocalize.

Colors and Coats Types Available - Black, chocolate and blue variants sometimes available.

Grooming and Care - A weekly brushing is all that is need to keep the Bombay coat in pristine condition.

Best Suitable Environment - Apartment or house dwelling suitable, kept inside and not allowed to roam will keep your Bombay safe and healthy.

Personality Traits - Playful, energetic, curious, lap cat, loves human companionship, will follow you everywhere and want to be a part of the family. Heat seekers, will sleep under the blankets if allowed.

There are two types of Bombay's, the American (who can have inherited health problems know as "Craniofacial Defect"). This disorder affects the development of the skull in the fetus and results in newborns with this disorder being euthanized at birth. The "Australian Bombay" however has no such hereditary problems and are very healthy robust Cats.

Australian Bombay Cat Breeders

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Australian Bombay Description

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