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Bambino Cat - Breed Profile

The Bambino Breed Description submitted by Wendy of Cleopatricks Cashmere Collection

Breed Description and Pictures Submitted by: Unknown

History - The Bambino came about from the deliberate crossing of a Sphynx cat to dwarf breed cat, such as the Munchkin. These matings produce both Standard (short legged) and Non-standard (long legged) offspring. The are currently accepted by TICA as an experimental new breed and are enjoying much deserved popularity. They are a very agile and loving new breed.

Colors and Coats Types Available - Bambinos come in the same colors and patterns as the Sphynx.

Grooming and Care - Like the Sphynx, their lack of hair causes a few extra grooming considerations. Bathing, eye, ear, and nail care is required. The frequency of grooming is largely dependant on each particular baby.

Best Suitable Environment - The best home for this breed would be a loving and available family. They are not really loner type cats. They very much require interaction with their familes.

Personality Traits - Active, alert, loving, all around companions.

Bambino Cat Breeders

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Bambino Description

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