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Bengal Cat - Breed Profile

The Bengal Profile submitted by Candi of Spotogold

Breed Description and Pictures Submitted by: Candi of A Touch of Gold Bengals

History - In 1982 Jean Mill bred a 3/4 Asian leopard cat to a Egyptian (Indian) Mau cat. The kittens were few and far between. But through the years and with selective breeding we are what you see in the Bengal breed today.

Seal Point (Snow) BengalColors and Coats Types Available - Bengals come in orange browns, cool browns, seal points (snows), silvers and sometimes the very rare colors of blue and black (melanistic). The patterns come in spots, rosettes and marbles (hollows and solids). The fur length is short and pelted (soft like a rabbit).

SpotogoldGrooming and Care - Because the Bengal's have very short fur they really donít need to be groomed.

Best Suitable Environment - Bengals are very active cats and can either benefit from the company of other animals or lots of human attention.

Bengals are active, vocal, inquisitive, and very smart creaturesPersonality Traits - Bengals are active, vocal, inquisitive, and very smart creatures. A lot of people like to call there personalities dog like.

Once you have a Bengal you'll never go back. They are very intriguing, personable and have the most beautiful markings in a domestic cat.  

Bengal Cat Breeders

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Bengal Description

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