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Chantilly - Tiffany

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Chantilly - Tiffany Cat - Breed Profile

The Chantilly - Tiffany Breed Profile submitted by Debra Baker of Amorino Cattery (Pictured - Chantilly sire; Hershey Nugget, LTD)

Breed Description and Pictures Submitted by: Debra Baker - Amorino Cattery

History - Not long ago, the Chantilly was thought to be extinct until a pair of chocolate kittens were found in a New York estate sale in 1967, which marks their American beginning. Thankfully, the kittens were not related as DNA proved and, also equally thankfully, they were male and female. It was not known prior to breeding them what their heritage was, or even if they were a particular breed. However, when the pair's offspring completely duplicated themselves in build, color, and coat texture, it was obvious that they, indeed, were a breed. The question was what breed as no one was familiar with these cats and their offspring. After some research, it was discovered that they were from an otherwise thought extinct breed, the Tiffany; Chantilly was added later which caused the name to be Chantilly/Tiffany, as they were known until just a handful of years ago.

In recent history, the name Tiffany was dropped from the Chantilly name due to conflict caused in judging circles and confusion caused by another UK breed, the Tiffanie, which began its roots in London, 1981. It was also rumored, incorrectly, that the Chantilly was also out of the Burmese gene pool.

The exact origin of the breed is unknown, although it is thought that the UK is the beginning place.

Currently, the breed is almost extinct; there are only three actively breeding females, one is a solid lilac, a solid blue and a solid chocolate.

Colors and Coats Types Available - Traditionally, the Chantilly's signature color is solid chocolate; however, it is now presented in blue, black, and lavender, also in tabby patterns of each of these colors. Fawn and cinnamon were also produced, however, with the ever shrinking gene pool, those colors, to the best of this author's knowledge, have been lost.

The coat is semi-long, absent of undercoat and is cloud soft. Due to lack of undercoat, the Chantilly does not shed and there are reports that the Chantilly is also, to a degree, hypoallergenic.

Grooming and Care - Since the coat is silky soft and in the absence of an undercoat, grooming is very minimal. A comb ran through the coat once a week is sufficient. The Chantilly is known for waxy ears, so care should be taken that the ears are cleaned using only a cotton ball and feline ear cleaner.

Best Suitable Environment - The Chantilly is non-aggressive and most often will either roll up into a ball, or hide behind or under furniture in the case of a disagreement. It is usually the Chantilly that needs to be rescued from inhouse pet arguments and it usually is not the Chantilly that started the argument. As a general rule, the Chantilly accepts established pets quite well and welcomes new pets without fuss. The Chantilly is very intelligent, soft spoken, speaking in chirps and trills instead of the conventional meow. They get along equally well in a quiet household, or in a busy, noisy household. As with all pets, the Chantilly should be treated with respect and kindness from young children and larger family pets.

Personality Traits - Loving, intelligent, graceful, capable of human-like love. Males typically will bond with one person and females typically will bond with the family. Your Chantilly will always know where you are, whether they are off playing, eating, or napping. When you move, they are right behind you. They also do what I call the 'Chantilly Roll' and one must be careful. This roll begins when your Chantilly will run directly in your path, throw itself down on the floor and roll over onto it's back, exposing the underbelly for those much sought after and beloved "tummy rubs". Many a kitten has been stepped on while attempting this maneuver. The Chantilly is soft; soft in expression, soft in voice, soft in love, soft in life.

The Chantilly is not a large cat; males are about ten pounds with females just behind. They are the quintessential and perfect lap cat. The Chantilly lives for one be loved by their person or their family. They are difficult to cage or to keep off in a room by themselves because they are driven to be with the ones they love and have been known to injure themselves in this quest.

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Chantilly - Tiffany Description

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