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Chausie Cat - Breed Profile

The Chausie Breed Profile submitted by Judith Miller of Kayman Kayz Cattery

Breed Description and Pictures Submitted by: Judith Miller - Kayman Katz Cattery

History - The Chausie, also called the Nile Cat because of it's Egyptian heritage, is a combination of a domestic Cat bred with the Jungle Cat. The F1 Chausie being of first generation breeding. having 50% "Wild blood". Cats of the first three generations are considered to be a Hybrid.

Colors and Coats Types Available - Chausie coats are short haired. They are recognized in the three colors of the Jungle Cat; Brown ticked tabby, Grizzled, (Silver-tipped black), and solid Black. Markings are seen only on the ticked cats. They include black leg barring and tail rings.

Grooming and Care - Occasional brushing. Rare nail trimming.

Best Suitable Environment - Chausie are extremely affectionate and should not be left alone for long periods of time. They are generally a large cat. Reaching up to 16 inches and weighing 16 to 20 lbs. They have a high energy level, yet are very graceful. So keep your favorite pottery on display, but give your Chausie lots of attention!

Personality Traits - Highly intelligent. Demand attention and display affection. Graceful and agile. Gets along well with dogs and other cats.

Chausie Cat Breeders

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Chausie Description

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