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Cornish Rex

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Cornish Rex Cat - Breed Profile

The Cornish Rex Picture and Breed Profile submitted by AngelWaves

Breed Description and Pictures Submitted by: - AngelWaves

History - These cats originated in Cornwall, England, where the breed first appeared in a litter of barn cats born in July of 1950. Thru trial and error the breed was almost lost but to the efforts of USA breeders that brought them over to start programs and started the basis of literally all the breeding programs today in the USA.

Colors and Coats Types Available - Black, Black & White, Solid Whites, Pointeds, Blue's, Red's and Cream's, Blue & White, Tortoiseshell's, Calico's. Coats will vary but should be soft, wavy and fully coated.

Grooming and Care - Easy to maintain. Occasional bathing in warm water with cat approved shampoo, pat dry, don't rub as it can break the coat hairs.. No drafts or cold room! Soft cloth or soft baby brush to comb them. Gentle q tip swabbing of the ears as they do get dirty as they have no hair protection as other cats have. Keep nails trimmed and also cleaned to avoid any smelly toes or yeast infections.

Best Suitable Environment - Inside ONLY! With only 1 layer of coat these cats don't do well outside. They are otherwise hardy.

Personality Traits - Funny, loving and the clowns of cats. They love their humans and most usually like other animals. They love high perches but will also perch on one's shoulder. They are considered the fastest of the domestic cats, shaped like a greyhound. Kitten antics well into their *old* age. Voracious appetites.

Cornish Rex Cat Breeders

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Cornish Rex Description

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