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Desert Lynx

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Desert Lynx Cat - Breed Profile

The Desert Lynx Breed Profile submitted by Arlene Magrino of LoveSpots Cattery

Breed Description and Pictures Submitted by: Arlene Magrino - LoveSpots Cattery

History - First breeds used for the Desert Lynx were, Manx, Maine Coon, Pixie-Bob, Bobcat, and American Lynx ( BobcatX Canadian Lynx) They were bred for loving personality's, big size and distinctive spots.

Colors and Coats Types Available - The Desert Lynx comes in many different colors, all the spotted colors from Black to Snow Leopards, Blue, Chocolate Copper, Silver. they also come in a coat pattern called a Clouded Leopard, which is a combination of Marble and Spots. All have belly spots.

Grooming and Care - The longer hair ( Feather Coat) needs some brushing in the summer months when they shed out. Everything else is the same as any other domestic, food and shots also the same.

Best Suitable Environment - The best home for a Desert Lynx is a indoor only home, a non declawing home. A loving home to play with them and snuggle with them :-)

Personality Traits - They just want to be with you, they are not couch potato's.. so be prepared to have a dog like companion.

The Desert Lynx is a bigger then average domestic cat. It is fun loving, affectionate, very interactive with people. The are more dog like than cat like, they follow you where ever you go, come to you when you call them, and even like to play fetch. They are a indoor cat and can not be declawed.. they play very soft pawed and only use their claws in self defense.

Desert Lynx Cat Breeders

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Desert Lynx Description

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