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Egyptian Mau

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Egyptian Mau Cat - Breed Profile

The Egyptian Mau Breed Profile submitted by Stephanie & David Walkley of Mauraj Cattery (Pictured: CH Mauarj Lotus Blossom)

Breed Description and Pictures Submitted by: Stephanie & David Walkley

History - The Egyptian Mau is the only naturally spotted domestic cat. Many other breeds have used the Mau in their programs to improve the breed they are creating. Often times Maus areGC Mauraj Rage in Cairo obtained to enhance fertility, improve pattern and maintain temperament within hybrid programs.
The Egyptian Mau has been said to originate from Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians worshiped cats and often mummified them. Bronze Maus are depicted on ancient tomb walls and in texts like the Book of the Dead and the Ani Papyrus.
In 1956, the first Egyptian Maus were brought to the United States by the exiled Russian Princess Troubetskoy. In 1958, the first Egyptian Maus were registered in CFF under the cattery name of Fatima. By 1977 CFA, the largest registry of cats, accepted the Mau for registration.
Egyptian Maus are descendents of the African Wild Cat. From this they directly receive their spotted features and exotic good looks. They are the only naturally spotted domesticated cat and are fully endorsed by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA). Maus were worshipped as deities by the ancient Egyptian people, and were considered as such cherished pets that they were often mummified for a journey into the next world. To this day, Maus are an extremely rare (though expanding) and valued member of the feline family.

Colors and Coats Types Available - The Egyptian Mau comes in Silver, Bronze (Warm & Cold), and Smoke. Sometimes breeders may get blacks or the dilute blues which canít be shown but may be registered. Black can be registered but arenít recommended for use in breeding programs due to lack of a clear pattern. Blues are normally found in programs that are using recent Egyptian Import lines.

Grooming and Care - The grooming of a Mau is simple. Weekly grooming and nail clipping is all that is necessary. Sometimes the nail clipping can be a two person procedure. The biggest concern for the Mau is that it can over eat. It is necessary to monitor your new addition to make sure it does not pack on the pounds. A fat Egyptian Mau is not a healthy cat.

Best Suitable Environment - Maus can be placed in just about any household. It is best to work with a reliable and reputable breeder who will find the match you need. Often times a retired adult may be best for a mature adult family although if you have plenty of energy for a young kitten then that is a match as well. Some breeders may shy from placing kittens with families with young children. Others if they are reputable will find the perfect kitten to fit that situation under appropriate supervision. Maus are incredibly intelligent and can normally outwit the smartest youngster.

Personality Traits - They dote on their human companions as if they were family. Few Maus will CH Mauraj Asiaopenly greet guests as they tend to be quite shy of strangers. There are always those that break that rule and will come to greet every person that enters the residence. Maus love their toys. They actually "catalog" their toy's locations and guard them carefully from others. Maus spend much of their time playing and following their owners around similarly to dogs. Although some Maus prefer not to be carried around, they may be lap lovers and newspaper readers on the couch. Some Maus may hang around your neck and request daily walks while perched there. Many play fetch with a little helpful inspiration (some will train you). If you desire a constant companion, a playful though not hyperactive disposition, and good morning/night kisses, then the Egyptian Mau is for you.

This breed will absolutely take your breath away. Breeders put a lot of work into raising these beautiful creatures and often times prices may seem high but you are buying something priceless and something that stems from ancient history.

Egyptian Mau Cat Breeders

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Egyptian Mau Description

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