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Exotic Shorthair

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Exotic Shorthair Cat - Breed Profile

The Exotic Shorthair Breed profile and picture submitted by Marianne Lawrence of InstaPurr Cats

Breed Description and Pictures Submitted by: Marianne Lawrence - InstaPurr Cats

Exotic Shorthairs are affectionately known as the “lazy mans’ Persian” or the “poor mans’ Persian”. They are much more then that.  This breed was a cross between the Silver Persian and the American Shorthair in an attempt to produce American Shorthair with that wonderful silver coat and green eye color. Exotic Shorthair (and Exotic Longhair) come in all Siamese and Persian colors, including odd eye and blue eyed bicolors and calicos. While the lovely kittens were delightful they did not look like the American Shorthair. They were now looking more and more like a Persians and this was the beginning of a new and exciting breed.

Over the years, this new breed was changing, the type and coat was improving and so was the purrsonality of the Exotic. As more and more Persians were bred into this new breed, the temperament s became more and more like a Persian. They are now bred to fit the Persian standard. The only difference is that The Exotic Shorthair has a short plush coat that will not mat.

Now that the Exotic Shorthair is perfected there is rarely a need to use Persians in the breeding program. But, because of the using of Persians in the past, there are longhair offspring that can be born in the breeding of Exotic Shorthair to Exotic Shorthair. Some registering associations will not allow those beautiful cats to be shown. Some will register them as Persians and some now recognize the Exotic Longhair.

Exotics are quiet and have mellow personalities.  They are easy going and fit into most family dynamics. Generally, they are extremely affectionate, are lap cats and will follow you from room to room. They stay playful and affectionate for years. Both the shorthair and the longhair make wonderful family pets.

 Kittens are usually allowed the leave the breeder no younger than 12 weeks of age. At 12 weeks they will have received their vaccinations and are ready to meet their forever family. This new family has the responsibility to see that their new family member is kept indoors, not be declawed and be neutered or spayed before 1 year of age.

In introducing an Exotic into your family you will have a friend and companion for many many years. Enjoy this wonderful cat!

Exotic Shorthair Cat Breeders

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Exotic Shorthair Description

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