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Japanese Bobtail

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Japanese Bobtail Cat - Breed Profile

Japanese Bobtail Breed Profile

History - Woodcuts and paintings of cats similar to the Japanese Bobtail suggest that the bobtail cat arrived in Japan around the 6th century. Although, some breed historians believe that the Japanese Bobtail arrived in the country around the 10th century, during the reign of Emperor Ichijo, who was the owner of five Japanese Bobtails.

Colors and Coats Types Available - The JBT comes in a variety of colors, but the most popularJapanese Bobtail Kittens by far is the mi-ke (mee-kay) meaning "three - furred" or tri-color, which is very similar to a brightly colored "Calico" cat. Another interesting genetic occurrence (generally not known outside of breeder circles) is the fact that all mi-ke kittens (as well as Calico cats) are females!

While bi-colors, or kittens with white and one other color (usually black or red) make up the majority, you can also get dilutes of these colors in blue & white or cream & white. Other possibilities are tabby & white or solids.

With Japanese Bobtails, you can choose your coat length - either soft short hair or silky long hair! Both varieties shed very little. The long hair doesn't have an undercoat so they will always remain silky!

Grooming and Care - JBTs require very little extra care. Although, they will always appreciate a good brushing session!

Best Suitable Environment - I prefer that my JBTs go to homes where they will be someone's "pillow buddy" and get lots of TLC ! I also like them to have at least one other cat as a companion. Cats get lonesome just like people do. Last but not least, my kittens must never be allowed outdoors or declawed !!!

Personality Traits - Male or female, JBTs are famous for their entertaining antics and irresistible charm! They are very athletic, intelligent, outgoing, loving and unique! JBTs are also very vocal, invariably talking back to their owners when spoken to. They love to carry things in their mouths, so playing fetch is a great past time with these cats. Some JBTs even enjoy playing in water - go figure? They generally make good travelers, as well as adapting easily to other animals and children.

Japanese Bobtail Cat Breeders

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Japanese Bobtail Description

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