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Norwegian Forest Cat

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Norwegian Forest Cat - Breed Profile

The Norwegian Forest Cat Breed Profile submitted by Debra Baker of Amorino Cattery

Breed Description and Pictures Submitted by: Debra Baker - Amorino Cattery

History - If one stands very still amid the swirling mist deep within a Scandinavian Forest, allowing oneself to become one with the mysteries shrouding the trees, you just may, if you are very lucky, catch a glimpse of fleeting movement. There, by that tree in the distance! Did you see it? A ghost of a movement, a quickening of the swirling mist, then, poof! Gone as quickly as it appeared! Was that a Skogkatt, or just your imagination trying to make sense of the mist? What? A Skogkatt, you ask? Yes, Skogkatt literally means Forest Cat in Scandinavian.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is true to their Norse beginnings; they traveled with the Vikings as companions as well as fluid hunters, guarding grain and food storage from vermin, both at sea and on land. Legend says that these early Skogkatts left offspring on the North American shore as a legacy and testament of their travels, beginning about 4,000 years ago!

These magnificent creatures still roam the forests in their native Scandinavia. Usually, when we think of free roaming cats, we automatically think Feral. The Norwegian is not Feral, not by nature, nor by circumstance. Instead, they love people and will seek out the company of a friendly voice. Farmers love to see the Norwegian take up on their farms due to this big cats' hunting prowess.

Colors and Coats Types Available - The Norwegian comes in colors from solid black to solid white and every imaginable color and pattern in-between. These cats are truly cats with coats of many colors, ranging from fine to course. All Wegies (Weegees, short for Norwegian) are double coated. They have a soft, downy undercoat that serves to keep them warm. The top coat is long and waterproof; necessary for survival of those tough Norse winters! Try giving a Wegie a show bath; they are much like a duck, the water just rolls off their backs, as they laugh at the thought of a mere human trying to get them wet!

Grooming and Care - Contrary to some reports, the Wegie, especially during that time of transition from baby to adult coat, does need lots of grooming. Shedding season brings with it almost daily combing because as that soft downy coat sheds for the summer, it wraps around those longer, outer guard hairs, creating a nightmare of mats and tangles. During the summer and winter months, the Wegie is actually two cats in one. During the summer, their coats are shorter and need less attention. During the winter, these cats grow a magnificent winter coat. Their tummy fur can actually hit the ground. Their ruffs and bibs rival the best and biggest manufactured fur coats. The tail, no matter the season, is always full and bushy and can measure a full foot around in the winter.

Best Suitable Environment - As with any breed, it is always best to allow the breeder to choose a couple of kittens best suited to your needs. Wegies are playful, intelligent and love to climb. They will seek the highest spot in your home. They need sturdy climbing equipment and firm rules. The Norwegian, by virtue of its history, is very adaptable. They do best in busy households, but there are those individuals that will do well in quiet surroundings, too.

Personality Traits - Wegies are very playful and love to participate in family gatherings. They play well by themselves, when necessary, but are nosy and inquisitive by nature and make the best helpmates. They will help you do laundry and vacuum; some are natural born typists and will not rest until they can put their own personal message in your emails. They are great at unloading grocery bags, too!

A true Norwegian Forest Cat is a feast to the eye, a delight to the touch and an unmistakable lump in the beholder's heart. These beautiful cats cannot be looked upon without catching one's breath. Their beauty is astounding with lively green to gold eyes filled with absolute expression, joy, love and intelligence. This is a cat that truly loves life. I have personally dubbed them as my Clowns of Enchantment because they are so entertaining, sensitive and just plain funny to watch them at play. They will sometimes bring forth an imaginary friend to play with and the game is on! Females will usually chirp, most males will sing instead of meow. Their voices are light and float in delicate musical notes upon the air and softly land in one's ear.

This cat is loyal to family; some will bond to one person. Usually not lap cats because of their thick coats, they get hot easily, but they are never very far away! Wegies are great entertainers and love to interact with their family. Anything is a toy. They love life and embrace every second of it. To live thoroughly is to be owned and loved by a Wegie.


Norwegian Forest Cat Breeders

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Norwegian Forest Cat Description

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