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Ragdoll Cat - Breed Profile

Ragdoll Cat Breed Profile provided by CC Bay Rags - Marilu Souza

Breed Description and Pictures Submitted by: Marilu Souza - CC Bay Rags

"You're sure to fall in love with Cape Cod Rags" "Put a little Curl in Your Life" At the very least addRagdoll Kitten a "furry friend" to you home.

History - The Ragdolls were originated by Ann Baker of Riverside, California. It is believed the breed was created in the early 1960's. A white Persian-Angora named Josephine was out crossed to Birman and Burmese cats. Kittens from these breedings were carefully line-bred to give us these large beautiful Ragdolls.

Colors and Coats Types Available - Ragdoll fur feels just like rabbit fur and is quite silky. ThisSeal Lynx Mitted Ragdoll normally medium to long fur doesn't mat and there is minimal shedding. Ragdoll patterns are colorpoint, mitted, bicolor, lynx, tortie, and torbie. There are several colors seal, blue, black, chocolate, lilac, red or flame, cream, and white.


Grooming and Care - Grooming is kept to a minimum. A good combing once or twice a week is all that is required.

Best Suitable Environment - Ragdolls are indoor cats as they are very docile. They are a very laid back cat and are often described as having puppy like traits. They love to be hugged, handled, held and share in what you are doing.

Ahh! Life is greatPersonality Traits - Ragdolls can relax completely and go limp in your arms. They are loyal and want to share in what you are doing, They are smart and can be taught to fetch, roll over, sit up and beg, and shake hands. They love to play and are not destructive by nature and have soft voices.They are wonderfully patient with children, dogs, and other cats.

Ragdoll cats are quiet affectionate and calm kittens who love to play and are quite alert. Their sweet easy nature makes them suitable for companions for any type of living environment.

Ragdoll Cat Breeders

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Ragdoll Description

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