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Siamese Cat - Breed Profile

The Siamese Cat Breed Profile submitted by Judith Sousa of Su-Su (Pictured: Blue Point Female)

Breed Description and Pictures Submitted by: Judith Sousa - Su-Su  Cattery

History - History of Siamese in America = the very first Siamese cat to arrive in America was named Siam.  Siam was a gift to the wife of President Rutherford B Hayes during his presidency (1877 - 1881).  Siam was a gift from the American Counsel in Bangkok. Mrs. Locke owned the first registered Siamese cats in the USA and showed them at a cat show in Chicago in 1902.  The first Siamese to receive a Best Cat award in CFA happened in 1907.  Only Seal Point Siamese were recognized in CFA at that point.  It wasn't until 1934 that blue point Siamese were recognized, chocolate point Siamese were recognized in 1952 and lilac point Siamese recognized in 1955.  At the height of popularity (years surrounding the Second World War) most shows would see up to 100 Siamese in competition.  Unfortunately, the popularity of the breed had a negative impact.  There are more pedigreed breeds that were founded on Siamese than any other breed. Therefore, today the number of pure Siamese have greatly diminished.  There are however, breeders that have kept them as the breed that they are loyal.  So even though the number of Siamese that can be seen at a show are few nowadays, the cats that are shown are of very high quality.

Colors and Coats Types Available - Siamese have only 4 coat colors:  Seal Point, Blue Point, Chocolate Point and Lilac Point.

Grooming and Care - Little more than petting is required as grooming a Siamese.  Their coats are very short and since they are such maticlious cats, they are always sparkling clean.

Best Suitable Environment - Siamese are active and require a close relationship with their human.  Best situation for them is to have another feline buddy for when their best friend isn't home.

Personality Traits - Highly intelligent, Interactive, responsive

Most people that have owned a Siamese, can't ever picture their life without one.

Siamese Cat Breeders

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Siamese Description

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