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Toyger Cat - Breed Profile

The Toyger Breed Profile submitted by Nunya Zimmer - Xquizit Cats

Breed Description and Pictures Submitted by: Nunya Zimmer

History -  The Toyger was founded by Judy Sugden of "EEYAA Cattery" in the USA. The Toyger is the result of a cross between a striped DSH (Domestic Short Hair) and a STB (Standard Bengal Tabby) This resulted in a striped Cat which after many years of hard work resembles a 'Toy Tiger'.
Toyger's are of medium size and have pelt and glitter like the Bengal. Today's Toyger's have very good temperaments and are quiet robust and healthy Cats.

Colors and Coats Types Available - The ideal colouring is an orange/tan background with dark stripes like that of a Tiger. The stripes are actually long rosettes/braids and should not be uniform like a mackerel pattern but more like long random individual stripes. The coat must be striped with no spotting. The ears small and rounded, good solid bone structure and overall balance. Tiger like in structure. Long whippy tail and short strong legs.

Grooming and Care - A weekly brushing is all that is need to keep the Toyger coat in top condition.

Best Suitable Environment - Family environment or as a single companion. Toyger's are very adaptable.

Personality Traits - Playful, inquisitive, likes company and alone time. Can be taught to fetch and walk on harness.

Toyger Cat Breeders

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Toyger Description

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