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Traditional Balinese

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Traditional Balinese Cat - Breed Profile

BaliChaton - Tradtional Balinese Cat

Breed Description and Pictures Submitted by: Mary C. Desmond - BaliChaton Traditional Balinese

Tradtional Balinese History ProfileHistory - The breed is a very rare but a desirable breed as they have the Siamese as their ancestors with the quick wit, but it took a while for the Balinese to be accepted and they are really a longhaired Siamese which has been replaced with the more modern Balinese with little coat - hence that is why they are so rare. There are few breeders around that follow the "blueprint" of the promoter's cats, Sylvia Holland. They all should be more along her lines.

Colors and Coats Types Available - Sealpoint mainly with blues often in a litter -the coat is very soft and single layer that is wonderful.

Grooming - Because of the length of coat and the single layer of it, no grooming is ever really required. They shed less than some shorthairs and need NO bathing.

The Tradtional Balinese requires little grooming and loves additional family membersBest Suitable Environment - They fit well into any home with kids, dogs, and other cats as well as adults. However, they are a totally indoor cat and should NEVER be let out.

Personality Traits - Because of the "mutation" theory, they do NOT have the personality of the Siamese and their voice is somewhat muted.
They love to fetch and will make a cat lover out of anyone.

The Traditional Balinese as ORIGINALLY typed IS one of the most perfect cats today with a long history (at least 100 years or more)

Traditional Balinese Cat Breeders

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Traditional Balinese Description

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