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Turkish Van

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Turkish Van Cat - Breed Profile

The Turkish Van Breed Profile submitted by Ania Ake - Kinali - Texas Breeder

Breed Description and Pictures Submitted by: Ania Ake

History - In 1955 two English Women, Mrs. L. Lushington and Mrs. S. Halliday, made a trip to Turkey to find the "roots" of the Angora cat. They found cats with fur soft like silk, long hair and a red (auburn) tail and red (auburn) markings on their head, unlike the Angora they were looking for. These cats seemed to have genetically established themselves through the geographic, climatic and natural selection in the rugged and rough conditions in the Van lake area.
The two English ladies exported four cats and brought them to England:
the females:
* Antalya Anatolia
* Van-Guzelli Iskenderun

the males:
* Van Attila Stambul Byzantinum
* Van Celik Budur
Those four cats are the ancestors of most Turkish Vans, which are also known as the "swimming cats".
In very few pedigrees of still living cats you can find direct ancestors of the "Lushington-cats". Throughout the years more direct imports were added in several breeding programs.
In 1969 the Turkish Van was accepted as a breed by the English catclub GCCF and a standard was established.
In 1972 the Turkish Van was also accepted as a breed by the FIFe.
Turkish Vans have been registered with
TICA since 1979 for championship, they were grandfathered with the birth of TICA.
In CFA this breed has been registered since 1988 and were allowed in championship in 1994.
All colors accepted since 1979 with the addition of solid white in 2007.

Colors and Coats Types Available - The Turkish Van is categorized as a long-haired cat in theThe Turkish Van may also be blue or odd eyed US, but the coat length is more medium-long, no undercoat. Cats will have a summer and a winter coat. Colors available: red solid/white, red tabby/white, cream solid/white, cream tabby/white, black/white, blue solid/white, blue tabby/white, black tortie/white (only in females; "calico") and the diluted version blue/cream and white, either solid or tabby. The Turkish Van may also be blue or odd eyed.

Grooming and Care - Once in a great while a bath or when needed, once in a great while brush/comb or when needed... but generally there is not much grooming involved, there is no undercoat.

Best Suitable Environment - Indoors with or without a secured run. I do not recommend having them come and go as they please due to hazzards and dangerous situations which might occur while roaming outside.

Personality Traits - Van cats are very active and lively cats, but they also like to cuddle and show a lot of affection.
They will choose "their" human and will show you how loved you are.
Turkish Van cats like to "talk" and it seems that you can have long and "informative" conversations with them.
Believe it or not - Turkish Vans love to play fetchIf you believe only dogs play fetch, then you are wrong! They love to play fetch and their favorite toy is a little paper ball which they keep bringing back to you for as long as you have the patience and the energy to toss it away, and if you throw it up high, they will catch it with their paws, similar to a goal keeper catching a soccer ball, it is a never ending game.
So when the Turkish Van is finally tired, any place is perfect for a "cat nap": in the middle of the stairs, in front of the washer, in the bath tub or sink... anywhere. So your house might become an obstacle course and you as a "well behaved" human will find a way around it.
Turkish Vans play with water, either in their water dish or perhaps in the sink or in the bath tub. Most of the Turkish Vans still have such a natural instinct that they jump into a pool or take a bath with your child, others prefer to be more sophisticated and "drink" their water with the help of their paw.
Turkish Vans are very sociable and there is always a "boss" they "listen" to, but should a cat be in trouble or need help, they will stand by it and/or get their human's attention.

All together... Turkish Van cats are very intelligent (well above average), lively, affectionate and great with other pets and children. They respect others, but also want to be respected. It is a wonderful way of life to live with an animal, and you will never have a dull moment with a Turkish Van.

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Turkish Van Description

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